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How to save all WhatsApp status 2017


In this tutorial, I will be teaching you how to save your whatsapp status to your phone instead of asking the second party to send it to you or trying to send your status to alot of friends and waste unnecessary data.

First of all, before you save a status, you should have clicked to view the person's status directly from whatsapp.

First step:

Yes, if you have successfully done that, you will have to go to your phone's file manager and click on phone storage .
Second step:
After you've clicked on
phone storage,  you will have to search for whatsapp and click on whatsapp

Third step : You click on Media

Fourth step:
You've successfully opened up your Media.  Note: if you still have hidden files,  you click on the top right option box and click on show hidden files but if you don't have that,  you will click on status straight away.

Fifth Step :
Here, after you have clicked on status,  it will display all the viewed status that have not exceeded 24hours after viewing it. Here,  you look for the particular status you want to save and select it by holding the screen to mark the selected status.  After you have marked it,  you cut it using the scissor symbol beneath the screen after you've marked the selected status.

Then the last step is to paste the selected status you've cut to any particular folder of your Choice that's not on whatsapp.  Probably in your SD CARD memory. 

 And that's all,  your video / pictuhas successfully been stored to your phone.  Thanks alot for reading.  I appeal you subscribe with us and ET more of our updates.  This I guess was very interesting and I believe now,  you can save your whatsapp status to your phone.  Thanks.  Please share post and make your comments on the comment bar below.  

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