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Twitter is changing its privacy policy, here’s how to modify your settings right now


Twitter recently unveiled a new set of privacy and data controls on its platform. The new settings allow users to see and control how advertisers use the information from your search history or from the data you have made available for the advertisers. With the new privacy policy, Twitter aims to improve and personalize the bond between its users and the platform by showing your more relevant tweets and ads according to your pattern of consumption.

On one hand, where Twitter has updated its privacy policy to showcase more relevant stuff, it has given users equal control to stop Twitter from sharing that information. The policy changes will be brought into effect starting June 18. However, here are the three big changes you immediately should look into prior to sharing your information.

Twitter will now save your web data for a longer period of time. Previously, Twitter saved information for 10 days, but starting June 18, it will save the data for 30 days. Next up, the microblogging site will change the way it shares this data with its partners. Twitter’s blog post read, “we’ve updated how we share non-personal, aggregated and device-level data, including through some select partnership agreements that allow the data to be linked to your name, email, or other personal information — but only when you give your consent to those partners.” And thirdly, Twitter has stopped supporting ‘Do Not Track’. Twitter has discontinued support of the ‘Do Not Track’ browser preference that allowed users to opt out of cross-site tracking on websites. Do Not Track is supported by most major browsers, including Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer. Twitter aims to spur “an industry-standard approach to Do Not Track did not materialize.”

The settings are self-explanatory, but they include general personalization for ads, information about the apps you use on your smartphone, your location history, and websites you visit. Apart from this, Twitter’s apps will now show fine-grained demographic, interest and ad targeting data, which can also be edited.

To access the data and have more control over it, click on your profile photo on the top right, followed by clicking on Settings and privacy. Under this, there is a tab click on ‘Privacy and safety’ on the left panel, followed by ‘Personalization and data.’ At the top of this page, you will notice an option to disable all personalization and data settings, click the ‘Disable all’ button. Be sure disable the ‘Personalization and data’ setting on both the web and the app.

To be totally sure about what information you give out, you might want to review your personalization settings to ensure you’re completely comfortable sharing the data up on the microblogging site.

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