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part 3(Three): Complete guild on how to remove multiple friends on Facebook


Delete multiple Friends on Facebook
NB: This plugins works with Firefox and Chrome browser

Good news! I have released a new version of this plugin to help you delete your friends on facebook fast! Go, get it here.
I realized that my friend list had become a bit over-crowded with people polluting my feeds with their game activity. Sure, I could have
chosen to unfriend them without actually deleting them from my friend list, but I wanted to trim it up a bit just to keep things in control. I had been feeling that way for a while, but the problem of trying to clean up your friends list is that it feels like quite a daunting task.

Try deleting multiple friends on Facebook, and you will realize that it was so easy to add them but really hard to delete later!

You have to hover on each of your friend’s name, Click on Friends and finally select ‘Unfriend’ from the long drop-down menu. Then, you have to wait for the page to reload and repeat the same step again and again in order to delete multiple friends on Facebook.

A quick Google search revealed a few promising browser plug-in that allows to you delete multiple friends on Facebook. Unfortunately, they were all outdated and eventually not working. So I ended up developing my own plug-in that you too can use if you ever find yourself is such a situation.

How it works.

Once the plug-in installed, you should find a check-box next to your friends’ name. Tick each of them that you want to remove and click on ‘Delete Selected Friends’ buttons at the top-right.
For Firefox users:
Download and install Greasemonkey.

Install my plug-in Delete Facebook Friends (I could not find a better name – sorry 🙂 ) by clicking on Install Button found on the top-right of the page.

Now head up to your Friend list page, tick the check-box to select which friends you want to remove on your Facebook and click Delete Selected Friends.

Plug in Updated : You can click on ‘Select all‘ button if you want to select all your friends first, and then uncheck those that you want to keep.

Tada ! You should now see a message informing you how many friends have been removed from your friend list.

For Chrome users:

The steps to delete multiple friends on Facebook for chrome users are almost the same as for Firefox except that instead of installing Greasemonkey for Firefox; you need to download Tampermonkey for Chrome and repeat step 2 – 4 above.
In case, you do not see the ‘Delete Selected Friends’ button, refresh the page ( CTRL + F5).

That’s all folks! Here’s how you can bulk delete friends on Facebook in just a few seconds. Let me know in the comment section below if you encounter any problems.

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